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Follow your dreams…

s I write this blog, it is with a mixture of amazement, trepidation and excitement. After years of training and dreaming, development and even some tears, this day is here…… my website and online shop are about to go live.

It seems a lifetime ago when I started my own wellbeing journey and I spotted all the problems chemicals were causing my family. Fast forward to today and my life is so different. This has only happened with the support of everyone around me… to my friends and family, you truly are my inspiration, my strength, my world.

             Your dreams are a poetic reflection of your soul’s wishes. Be courageous enough to follow them.

                                                                     Dr Steve Maraboli  

I am so proud of what we have developed at PFK and hope we will become part of your wellbeing journey – whether through our products, a yoga class or even a visit to our retreat. It would be wonderful if my story inspires others to follow their dreams too – they really can come true.

I hope you will to continue to follow us to find out more about wellbeing, to see where we go next at PFK and maybe, to even inspire you to find your own happy place.