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Why we want to breathe clean…

Scented candles have become extremely popular over recent years and you would struggle to find a home without at least one on a shelf or in the bathroom. We all love their ambient lighting and their luxurious fragrant aromas. But did you know that they can be bad for our health?

In the UK, the majority of candles sold are made from paraffin wax and studies have shown that when burnt, paraffin max releases harmful amounts of chemicals in to the air. The impact is often exacerbated as candles tend to be burnt in enclosed spaces.

However, it’s not just the paraffin wax that can be bad for your health. Some wicks are known to give off particles of metal and many manufacturers also add additives and artificial fragrances to their candles - even when they refer to themselves as ‘natural’. Synthetic fragrances and dyes can give off harmful particles when they are heated and Asthma UK found that scented candles caused an increase in symptoms in a quarter of cases studied.

We personally prefer to breathe clean and that is why we have developed our range of candles. All PFK candles are made with 100% soy wax and only pure essential oils – no chemicals, no parabens and absolutely no artificial fragrances! Even our wicks are 100% cotton.

So our advice? There’s no need to lose your love affair with the candle – just choose wisely. Make sure what you’re burning is really 100% natural….and enjoy breathing clean