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It’s a Joyful time of year……………..

Have you ever wondered where candle and fragrance companies get their ideas for their new products and aromas? Well, when it comes to PFK they come directly from our founder Paula….from the initial idea to the expert mixing of the oils, Paula is our guru when it comes to our blends. And it’s a lengthy process from the initial idea to the product getting on the shelf.

The lightbulb moment for our new Christmas blend No.12 happened in Canada. After a walk through a frosty pine forest, Paula was welcomed back to the hotel with a cosy and relaxing roaring fire. On feeling that moment of joy herself, she decided she wanted to share it with others. She set about looking at the oils which would not only give the aroma she was looking for but also give the wellbeing benefits she wanted to generate from the candle.

With the frosty forest memory in mind, Fir Needle and Pine essential oils were chosen for their relaxing properties. These heavenly oils help to refresh the soul, relieve fatigue and improve focus….. similar benefits to a refreshing walk in the woods. Red mandarin and Clove essential oils were then added to bring a delicious spicy, fruity aroma and to generate the feelings of happiness and strength Paula felt at the cosy hotel. Finally two of PFK’s favourite essential oils were added - rosemary and eucalyptus. They are found in many of our blends due to their wonderful wellbeing benefits. Rosemary is a refreshing and uplifting scent and Eucalyptus helps to soothe away tension and stress – just what we all need in the busy festive period.

By blending these oils, the finished aroma is a fresh, spicy and sparkling scent which Paula hoped would instantly bring the Joy of Christmas to mind. After testing with some of our lovely customers, we couldn’t have wished for a more positive response.

When it came to packaging, we wanted to give the candle a festive edge, so a bespoke box and label was designed using copper foil and a copper candle lid was also added, fitting with the current interior trend for copper products.

Finally, came the naming. In this case, there was no other option for it…. It just had to be the feeling Paula had in that moment in Canada… Joy.

When recently discussing the candle Paula said ‘We’re hoping customers will agree that PFK No 12 is the perfect candle to bring joy and happiness to their home during the festive period and we wish them a wonderful time in the run up to the holiday season’